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Twitter Marketing- Shredding Tweet

November 21, 2009

If you’re not using Twitter yet, you are missing out on a vast universe of marketing potential. Just in case you don’t have the inside scoop on Twitter, it is an online service that enables you to broadcast 140 character short messages to your friends or “followers.” It also lets you specify which Twitter users you want to follow so you can read their messages in one place. Twitter is designed to work on a PC,  mobile phone and on various social media interfaces.

Don’t forget to check out the Social Media Twitter guide in your back office, under Build Your Business.

How to Get Started

Go to and click “Sign Up Now.” For best results, use your real name or business name when signing up; otherwise your friends won’t be able to find you easily. It’s also helpful to upload a picture. If you select the “Protect my updates” box, people won’t be able to read your Twitters unless you authorize them. You’ll have more success getting followers if you leave this box unchecked. Just be sure not to Twitter, “My Front Door Lock is broken, please send help to 123 Elm Street”

Check out this tutorial on Setting up a Twitter Account and finding people to follow:

Now that you have a Twitter account, tell your friends your username or send them the link to your Twitter page. Each user has their own page, in the form

Hook up your mobile phone and IM account

The Twitter network works for you even if you’re not at your computer or browsing the Web. Once you are registered, you can connect your mobile phone and instant messenger account.

Go to Settings > Phone and IM. Connecting your phone and IM programs to your Twitter account is a straightforward process. Note that messages you view on a phone or an IM program also are readable on your personal Twitter Web page. You can make Twitter send you a message every time a user who you are following has posted a Twitter message. This can be fun, but it will drive you crazy if you are following a lot of people.

If you don’t want to be barraged by a stream of random messages but still want friends to be able to reach you, select “Direct Message.” Then when other users send a message to you and you alone, you’ll be alerted on your phone or IM account. Otherwise, you won’t get an alert.

From a mobile phone, send an SMS message to 40404. Your phone’s caller ID is attached to your Twitter account, so the system will know it’s from you.

Following and Finding Friends

To add a friend, first be sure you are logged into your account. Then go to their Twitter page and press the “Add” link in the “Actions” box. To find a user page, use the search box on your own Twitter page. Once you click “Add,” you’ll start to see his or her Tweets on your page if his or her account is set for public access. If the account is private, the system will send a “friend” request that must be approved before you start to see updates.

You also can see who your friends are following by hovering your mouse pointer over the pictures in the sidebar on your friends’ pages. Those pictures are of their friends–the users they are following. If you click on one of those pictures, you’ll go to that user’s page, where you can add him or her, too. You can see all the Tweets from any person’s friends by clicking the “With Friends” tab above his or her message window. Or you can turn that off and see only his or her Tweets by clicking the obliquely named “Previous” tab.

On the phone or IM: send the command follow username to register your phone or IM account to receive public Tweets from a user. You also can invite people based on a phone number: SMS add phone number to 40404, and you’ll start following the user at that number; if the person at that number isn’t a Twitter user, he or she will get an invitation to join. Managing your friends is much easier by using a full Web browser, but you can do everything on a mobile phone if you wish.

Turning off Twitter

Twitter messages may drive you insane. If you want to turn them off, here’s how: send the command Off, Sleep, or Stop to Twitter. To turn it back on, send On, Wake, or Start. If you’re sick of Twitter on the PC, just avoid the Web site! In a Web browser, in your settings page, you also can define a period of time during which Twitter will not bother you by phone or IM. This is useful if you ever want to sleep.

Advanced Features

You can apply your own design to your Twitter home page: it’s fairly straightforward. Our advice is to avoid using the “tile” option for your background image.

Twitter also can be used via third-party programs that run on your desktop or in your widget/gadget engine. For example, we use TweetDeck –  This is a piece of software that you run on your desktop. You can post tweets from it, respond to replies from others and set up various searches and get updates in real-time when someone tweets on a subject of phrase you are following.

You can also hookup your Facebook account to your twitter account by logging into Facebook and looking for the “send updates to my Twitter account link”. Depending on which page you are on in Facebook, this link is either on the top or left side.

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