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Face To Face Selling- Getting To Yes

November 13, 2009

What is the goal? Promoting Health And Wellness!

Many of you have questions on how to get started with selling, or haven’t been successful selling to this point. Each week we will provide you with tips, tricks and training for marketing your store- both in person and on the Internet.

Getting Started – Selling Supplements Face to Face

1. Understand What You Are Selling- become familiarized with your products.

  • Sign up for the FREE  eEarning training program. Each module is based on a health related topic, which discusses the supplements that are best for that health concern. 
  • Each Module as 3 sales tips that you can use with your customer.
  • You get 5 FREE products when you graduate.

2. Develop your approach to building value to your clients and customers by describing what the products are and how they will benefit them.

  • Watch the training videos we post on this blog, they are basic sales videos that will help you understand from industry professionals on how to sell!
  • Use the marketing materials available in your back office; customize them to your own preferences. 
  • As you work through the training, develop your own system of presenting products to your clients and customer.  Practices explaining how supplements can complement the services you are providing or how supplements will benefit their health. 
  • Selling is all about explaining the benefits. Get your clients and customers to understand how the products will benefit them, based on their personal needs (personalize your approach to each customer, based on what they need, not what you think they need). Not sure how to find out what most benefit’s the customer? Ask them…
  • Can you tell me what your health / fitness goals are?
  • What supplements are you taking now? Why? (then fill in the gaps, explain the benefits of MNS products)
  •  Use the 3 sales tips from each product (see eEarning) to explain the benefits of the product. Use the customer’s words as you explain.

The customer says- I need to lose weight, and you are telling me to eat 5 mini- meals a day! I don’t have time!
You say- Eating 5 mini-meals a day can be challenging, especially if you don’t have time to prepare them. A time-saving trick I recommend is the 80 Calorie Whey Natural Vanilla Shakes. You can put the powder in a shaker and leave it in your desk or workout bag. Then just add 8 oz of cold water/milk when you are ready for your mini-meal. You get plenty of protein in your shake and it is super simple!

3. Get over the “sales” stigma

  • Everyone is afraid of coming across as a cheesy sales person. No one likes to admit they are selling something- for fear that people will think they are “sneaky” or “trying to make money off them”.
  • Your clients look to you as their “trusted advisor” in health, fitness and wellness. They seek your guidance in reaching their goals- and also what supplements will help them achieve their goals more quickly.
  • RIGHT NOW your clients are most likely already taking supplements. Over 60% of all Americans are currently taking a vitamin or supplement.  Over 70% have taken at least one supplement in the past year.
  • At the very minimum you should be asking all your customer’s what supplements they are taking, and advise them based on their fitness goals. Use this time to discuss the benefits of MNS supplements. It is important to make sure they are properly informed about supplementation, instead of relying on the often mis-guided information the media provides.
  • Remember if they don’t hear a recommendation from you, they will still probably buy a supplement at the supermarket or retail outlet.
  • It is okay to sell supplements; your clients are looking for recommendations! If you don’t recommend something, they may buy some sugary, low value protein shake.

4.  Get the customer accustomed to saying yes in your conversation and assume you have already made the sale.  Watch a Getting To Yes Video (it is a little low quality, but it explains the concept well).

  • Start by asking “Yes” questions when you talk to them- this is good to get feedback for your services AND it helps you get to YES!
    Are you ready to work out today?
    Are you enjoying your sessions with me?
    Are you seeing results?
    Isn’t the weather great today?
    Ask any question- just get them used to saying YES!
  • Ask them their personal goals about health or weight loss
  • Pay Attention- you need to personalize your benefits speech based on what they are telling you.
  • Ask them if they have ever taken any supplements.
  • Using their personal goals statements and explain how the MNS products will benefit them.
    You said you wanted to lose weight and you have a hard time in the afternoons because you get hungry. Did you know that Omega-3 Fatty Acids help regulate blood sugar and reduce sugar spikes/crashes? Then talk to them about Omega Science and explain 3 benefits for them based on their personal goals.
  • Once you have discussed the personalized benefits of MNS products, ask them directly-
    Would you like to get started with product XYZ today?
    You can choose either a nutri-kit or individual product, which one would you like me to order for you?
  • People love a deal. Tell them they save money by ordering Nutri-kits or products in bulk. With our new Xtreme Weight Loss Monthly Membership Program, they get monthly shipments, free products, etools and coupons to use to try other products.

Clients and customers can sense if you aren’t confident in any recommendations. If you say, “I think this exercise will work for you”, they will sense your lack of confidence and question you.

You are confident in your fitness recommendations because you believe they will benefit your client. You have to develop that same self-confident muscle in recommending supplements. Remember, you are doing this for their health and wellness goals. Take charge and ask for the sale!